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Festival Directors


Aimee McConkie
Who doesn't love a good party? This is especially true for community volunteer Aimee McConkie who founded and directs the Venture Outdoors program. The program is specifically designed to inspire active lifestyles and create a shared sense of community for Millcreek residents. Aimee loves to ski, hike, run, and to play outside with her four daughters.
Phone: 801.634.8910

Natalie Clawson

Helping people come together for a common goal and purpose is Natalie’s passion. She’s an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys running, hiking, skiing, and playing tennis. Natalie agrees, there is nothing better than exploring a new trail or mountain vista right in "our own backyard"! If you would like to get involved in Venture Out! contact Natalie.  

or 801-647-7602  


Nicole Kooistra

Nicole joined the Venture Out! festival team with a motivation to connect the outdoor industry to locals who value recreation and who want to build a better community. Nicole finds satisfaction in implementing events where attendees discover something new so close to home. She enjoys running and exploring the state during every season, but finds there is nothing that compares to being outdoors on a summer’s night in Utah.    




Karen Akerlow  

Because she is lucky enough to be friends with Aimee, Natalie, and Nicole, Karen gets to be a part of Venture Out! and has spent the last several years keeping it on budget. She loves exploring the great outdoors and is always up for a hike. She especially loves spending time in the red rocks of Southern Utah with her husband and 3 children.